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Capistrano Sample Recipe


These are samples and might need more customisation depending on the version of capistrano you are using.
If you notice non-application-specific changes being necessary please let us know!

Getting your sample recipe

At the moment we provide a Capistrano 3 sample recipe. You can find it here:


Structure of our sample files

. ├── Capfile ├── config │   ├── deploy │   │   ├── production.rb │   │   └── staging.rb │   └── deploy.rb ├── lib │   └── capistrano │   └── tasks │   ├── deploy.rake │   └── passenger.rake └── README

Changes to the sample files

If you use our sample files these are the changes you need to make in order for them to work properly:

In config/deploy.rb you need to change the following lines:

repository (e.g.: :repository, "")

In the environment files production.rb and staging.rb the following entries need to be changed:

deploy_to branch server, user

Create a file config/secrets.yml which contains the secret_key_base for your application, or ask us to create that via Puppet!

Add the following lines to the deploy-group of your Gemfile:

group :deploy do gem 'capistrano', '~>3.5' gem 'capistrano-rails', require: false gem 'capistrano-bundler', require: false gem 'capistrano-maintenance', '~> 1.0', require: false end

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