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Shared services

We offer shared services for ruby on rails applications on our server infrastructure. With that you get a default setup with the following options:

Load balancers

By default we're configuring your application to be delivered by our load balancers.


You can choose between two database types:

MariaDB cluster

We run a Galera MariaDB cluster as MySQL in a Primary-Primary setup with redundancy and automatic failover.

PostgreSQL cluster

We run PostgreSQL with patroni and etcd in a Primary-Replica setup with redundancy and automatic failover.


Per default we allow up to 1GB in size for databases on our shared clusters. If your database will be bigger than that, please consider this table:

Database Size Price per month
<= 1GB 0 EUR
<= 5GB 25 EUR
<= 10GB 50 EUR
<= 20GB 100 EUR
<= 30GB 200 EUR

We will recommend having a dedicated database cluster if your database surpasses 10GB.
Additionally we generally do not allow databases over 30GB in size on the shared cluster.


We provide daily backups of databases and assets from the dedicated application servers. PostgreSQL supports Point in Time Recovery.


We provide two sorts of monitoring:


We run an automated 24/7 monitoring for all relevant resources and services so we can act fast on any issues. We're using Icinga for that purpose.


We run an automated 24/7 performance monitoring to cover the need for adjustments regarding hardware resources. We're using collectd for that purpose.

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