Heroku compile issue (Elixir Buildpaack) ** (Mix) Expected :version to be a SemVer version

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I was having issues with getting a dynamo project compiling on Heroku using the Elixir buildpack Show archive.org snapshot and marcelog/jsonex Show archive.org snapshot :

could not compile dependency jsonex, mix compile failed. You can recompile this dependency with `mix deps.c>
** (Mix) Expected :version to be a SemVer version

The issue was in the Jsonex mix.exs: the project version was "2.0". Forking and changing the version to "2.0.0"
resolves the issue.

Note that if you change dependencies in a project, you may need also to ensure the the mix.lock file changes too: the safest way is to delete the mix.lock file - mix deps.clean doesn't necessarily do it, if the change is subtle.

Paul Wilson
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