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Sections in a design review document for a new microservice

Section Purpose
Problem & Context What technical and/or business problem does this feature solve? Why are we doing this?
Solution How are you intending to solve this problem?
Dependencies & Integration How does it interact with existing or planned services/functionality/ components?
Interfaces What operations might this service expose?
Scale & Performance How does the feature scale? What are the rough operational costs?
Reliability What level of reliability are you aiming for?
Redundancy Backups, restores, deployment, fallbacks
Monitoring & Instrumentation How will you understand this service’s behavior?
Failure Scenarios How will you mitigate the impact of possible failures?
Security Threat model, protection of data, and so on
Rollout How will you launch this feature?
Risks & Open Questions What risks have you identified? What don’t you know?

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