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Maximizing Service Reliability

  1. Load balancing and service health
  • Readiness
  • Liveness
  1. Rate limits
  • Back-pressure via headers
  1. Validating reliability and fault tolerance
  • Load testing ([The art of scalability](The
    Art of Scalability))
    1. Load test as part of the delivery pipeline
    2. Exploratory load testing to identify limits and test assumptions
  • Chaos testing Archive
    1. Chaos toolkit Archive
    2. Principles
    • Define a measurable steady state of normal system operation.
    • Hypothesize that behavior in an experimental and control group will remain steady; the system will be resilient to the failure introduced.
    • Introduce variables that reflect real-world failure events — for example, removing servers, severing network connections, or introducing higher levels of latency.
    • Attempt to disprove the hypothesis you defined in (2).

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