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Create a new SSH key pair

Before starting, create a new entry in KeePass for your SSH key and create a new password. See the Security Guidelines for password policies.

Make sure you use a up-to-date SSH version to use secure values for the key generation, as for now at least 2048 Bit RSA!

ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/yourname -C "yourname@makandra.de"

When entering the password for your key, copy it once from KeePass (via the clipboard) and type it manually the second time (reveal it in Ke...

Git configuration

Git can be configured in ~/.gitconfig. Here is an overview about common configurations.

Please keep this default config simple. It should be a starting point for new developers learning Git.

Author name

To appear with your name in commits:

  name = Your Name
  email = your.name@domain.de


   ui = auto
   # The value for these configuration variables is a
   # list of colors (at most two) and attributes (at 
   # most one), separated by spaces.
   # The colors accepted are:

Thunderbird: Don't automatically mark messages as read and as junk in Thunderbird

  • Preferences -> Display -> Advanced (tab not button)
  • If the option "Automatically mark messages as read" has the suboptions "Immediately on display" and "After .... seconds", you can uncheck the checkbox. It won't mark new mails as read anymore.

for older thunderbird versions:

(see attachment)

  • menu -> "preferences" -> "preferences" -> "Display" -> "Advanced" tab
  • uncheck "Automatically mark messages as read".
  • close settings
  • to mark emails as read click the tiny green circle in the list vi...
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