HowTo update a Snap package after the "Pending Update" notification

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If you get a notification that a Snap package like Slack needs to be closed for a pending update, it's not immediately obvious what Ubuntu wants you to do:


It needs the slack app to be closed so it can install an update that is pending. What you'll need to do:

  • Close all of the application's windows
  • If it's Slack or another application that continues to run in the background, find the little icon next to the clock, right-click it and select Quit
    • If it's an application running in the background without any visible icon (like snap-store) you can run sudo killall snap-store
  • In a terminal, run sudo snap refresh to perform the update manually

Especially for long running applications like Snap, Firefox or Chromium, it's a good idea to force the update right now and make the notification go away.

Florian Heinle
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