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Linux: Manipulate PDF documents

Here are some tools that are useful to manipulate PDF documents under Linux/Ubuntu:

Xournal Archive (Ubuntu 14.04+)

Add text, add images, add hand-written notes. No geometrical shapes. Recommended. Simple tool to insert a signature image and some text to a PDF.

uPdf Archive (old Ubuntus)

Add text, add images, add geometrical shapes. Horrible GUI, but works some of the time.

PDF-Arranger Archive (PDF-Shuffler on old Ubuntus)

Graphical GUI to reorder pages, remove pages, rotate pages, add pages.

pdftk Archive

Command line tool to rotate, concatenate, repair PDF documents.

LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw can import a PDF document as a million text boxes. This will mess up the layout.

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