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Product EAV Attribute Set, Group and Attribute List

To see a list of all attribute sets, groups, and associated attributes for products, use this SQL. BONUS! Also shows the sort ordering, useful for determining which sort_order you need to place an attribute in a certain position:

SELECT s.attribute_set_name, g.attribute_group_name, a.attribute_code, a.frontend_label, ea.sort_order FROM eav_attribute_set s LEFT JOIN eav_attribute_group g ON s.attribute_set_id = g.attribute_set_id LEFT JOIN eav_entity_attribute ea ON g.attribute_group_id = ea.attribute_group_id LEFT JOIN eav_attribute a ON ea.attribute_id = a.attribute_id WHERE s.entity_type_id = 4 ORDER BY s.attribute_set_name, g.sort_order, ea.sort_order;

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