Odd referrer issue

The request referrer is the URL you come from. It's set by the browser when you click a link (all browsers) and in Javascript click events too (all but the Internet Explorer family).

If you click a link on a page:

request.referer == request.referrer == request.env['HTTP_REFERER']

So far so good. But if you write the URL straight into the browser:

request.referer == request.env['HTTP_REFERER'] == nil


request.referrer == '/'

instead of nil.

This seems to happen in our current version of Rails, although not in Rails >= 3.x...

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Bundle install in parallel

Gave a shot to the new Bundler 1.4.0RC1 during the weekend and found out it now supports gem installation in parallel. To invoke you need to pass --jobs parameter with number of threads you want it to run – for me the best performance was achieved by specifying the number physical CPU cores.

I've tested on the AppFab Archive app. In my case (CPU with 2-core i7 with HT) the speedup was 50%. I've also tried with a number greater than the number of physical cores but the performance was 15%-20% worse.

Bundler 1.3...

jQuery ajax success/done will not run callbacks if request is json but the response is empty (typical 200)

When using

var onDone = function() { ... }
var onFail = function() { ... }
var params = { ... }
var url = ...

  type:  'put',
  url:  url,
  contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
  data:  JSON.stringify(params),

Always make sure your rails controller returns something:

if @property.update_attributes(params[:property])
  render :json => { :ok => true }, :status => :ok
  render :json => { :ok => false }, :status => :unpro...

Killing wkhtmltopdf during cucumber

wkhtmltopdf hangs on mac during cucumber unless we click on it. The main reason is with the version we use which is 0.11.0_rc1 and in out app/bin we have another version and it is a known issue with these versions. The fix is to go to 0.9.9, to downgrade the version we installed earlier using brew:

* brew uninstall wkhtmltopdf
* brew update
* brew versions wkhtmltopdf
* if you see output like 
*         `0.9.9    git checkout 6e2d550 /usr/local/Library/Formula/wkhtmltopdf.rb`
           then `cd /usr/local`
* g...

To avoid using bundle exec or creating rvm gemsets

  1. Add to the end your .bash_profile export PATH="./vendor/bundle/bin:$PATH"
  2. Also add alias bi="bundle install --path vendor/bundle --binstubs=vendor/bundle/bin"
  3. Then to bundle install next time just use bi

Now no more bundle exec before any rake, cap, spec or anything else :)

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Creating a gem in lib folder

Go to lib folder and use bundler to generate main files for a gem:

$ bundle gem test_gem

      create  test_gem/Gemfile
      create  test_gem/Rakefile
      create  test_gem/LICENSE
      create  test_gem/README.md
      create  test_gem/.gitignore
      create  test_gem/test_gem.gemspec
      create  test_gem/lib/test_gem.rb
      create  test_gem/lib/test_gem/version.rb
Initializating git repo in /path/to/webapp/HouseTrip-Web-App/lib/test_gem

cd in to created directory

$ cd test_gem/


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