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Our process [2.5d]

makandra's development process

Learn about our process:


In particular you should understand:

  • Why do we have a process?
  • What is a story?
  • What metrics does our process optimize for?
  • How to divide large requirements into stories. When is a story too small, when is it too large?
  • The lifecycle of a story
  • How to write a story

Story format

Read the card Project management best practices: Stories.


Get familiar with our Gatekeeping process.

In particular you should understand the purpose of:

  • Feature branches
  • Code reviews
  • Commit squashing (and the resulting traceability through git blame)

Pivotal tracker

Learn to use Pivotal Tracker, our project management tool:

  • Work through the tutorial
  • Browse through a large project using multiple panes
  • Understand how Pivotal Tracker handles velocity and iterations, and why we need neither of those
  • Optional: Add the bookmarklet to create commit messages from a ticket to your bookmarks


  • Together with your mentor, think of two small changes for your MovieDB
    • E.g. change the title of MovieDB to FilmDB.
    • E.g. add a new field to an existing record.
  • Formulate requirements in the forms of stories
  • For each change, follow the process
  • Deploy the changes to staging
  • Have your mentor accept/reject each story. Make sure at least one story is rejected once (e.g. change your mind so "FilmDB" is actually "FilmBase"), so you get to practice the workflow for rejects.

For all further lessons, you should deliver all exercises through the process.

Other processes

Some of our clients use different processes:

  • Scrum
  • Waterfall

For each of these processes:

  • Understand how they work
  • How do they differ from our own?
  • What are the pros and cons to our own process? Under which conditions would it be superior to our own process?

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