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Personal productivity [2d]

We are dealing with hundreds of tasks for dozens of projects every week. We need to be organized or we will drown in chaos.

  • It is not OK to forget about a task that someone assigned to you. Tasks are fire-and-forget. Always.
  • It is not OK to scroll through hundreds of e-mails in your inbox every morning, trying to figure out what to do today.

The resources below help.

Getting things done

Read the book Archive . We have a paper version at the office. If you're working at home the Backoffice will send you a copy.

At the end of the book you should have:

  • A better understanding of how to organize yourself
  • A habit of splitting any kind of task or project into actionable first steps
  • A solid definition of "done"
  • A to-do list you read and maintain every day (many of us use Holly Archive , but a text file or any other tool is fine, too).
  • A calendar ( Google Calendar Archive with Chrome desktop notifications works great)

Discuss the points above with your mentor.

Inbox zero


Apply the tools you learned for the next four weeks, e.g. track the tasks you're given by your mentor or by this curriculum in lists and calendar.

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