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Personal productivity [1d]

As developers we are dealing with many tasks every week. We need a system to organize ourselves.


After completing this card you should have:

  • A to-do list that you maintain every day. Many of us use Holly Archive , but a todo.txt on your desktop or any other tool is fine, too.
  • A habit of tracking any incoming task. We can never forget a task that a colleague or customer gives us.
  • A habit of splitting any kind of task or project into actionable first steps.
  • A habit of fully completing tasks to clear your plate for new tasks. We cannot have an ever-growing list of "nearly done" tasks.
  • A system to process incoming e-mail. It's not OK to scroll through hundreds of e-mails in your inbox every morning, trying to figure out what to do today.
  • A Google Calendar Archive with notifications on your desktop and/or phone.
  • Considered reducing distractions by disabling notifications.

Getting things done

Watch the following two video summaries of David Allen's book Getting Things Done:

Minimizing distractions


Start using the tools you learned, e.g. track the tasks you're given by your mentor in lists and calendar.

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