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The HTML5 platform [1.5d]


  • Learn about differences between browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari
    • For example regarding technology, supported features like modern CSS or JS, presentation, etc.
  • Understand how we test for older browsers using Browserstack
  • What are "Evergreen browsers"?
  • Understand which browsers you are supposed to support in a project
    • Understand the differences between a publicly available service and an application with a closed circle of users
  • Spend an hour with Can I Use
    • Why is this site useful?
  • Spend an hour with MDN
    • Why is this site useful?
  • What is a "Polyfill"?
  • What is "Graceful degradation?"
    • Name three practical examples


  • Test MovieDB in Internet Explorer 11 and in Safari using Browserstack (get credentials from a colleague). What did you observe?
  • Apply one example for graceful degradation to MovieDB (even if it means adding a new feature or style)

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