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Deployment basics [1d]

  • Understand what Capistrano does
  • Understand the differences between Capistrano and rake
  • Understand multi-stage deployment
  • Understand the differences between Rails environments and Capistrano deployment targets
  • Understand "roles" in Capistrano configuration
  • Understand how to make Capistrano do something custom during deploy
    • We make database dumps on every deploy. How do we do that?
    • We show the total size of the dumps on every deploy. How do we do that?
  • Understand the geordi gem and what its deploy task does
  • Understand the Capistrano directory structure on a target host
  • Understand some differences between Capistrano 2 and 3
    • Understand the differences between the deploy and deploy:migrations tasks and which one you want to use in Capistrano 2



  • Get SSH on one of our applications. Open a shell to the application directory, look around and understand the directory structure.
  • In one of our projects, look at config/deploy.rb and the config/deploy directory. Get a rough understanding what those files do.
  • Get an operations engineer to help you deploy MovieDB to using Capistrano.
    • Please tell the operations engineer to set up Redis on your staging deploy, you will need it at a later stage of the curriculum.

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