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Git basics [1d]

Git Archive is our version control system.


  • Understand why we use git.
  • Learn how to work with your local repository:
    • Create a local repository (git init)
    • Commit changes (git commit)
    • See the history (git log)
    • See changes (git diff)
    • Work with branches (git checkout, git checkout -b, git merge)
    • Work with the stash git stash
  • Learn how to work with a server:
    • git clone
    • git push
    • git fetch
    • git pull
  • Learn to use the tool tig
  • Configure your git correctly
  • Learn how to use Archive
  • Learn how to use GitHub Archive



Understanding git concepts

Try and explain:

  • Why do we use Git at all?
  • What is the "workspace"?
  • What is the "index" or "staging area"?
  • What is the "stash"?
  • What is the difference between a local and a remote repository?
  • What is a "Fast Forward"?

Play around on

  • In an earlier lesson we build a searchable address book. Create a repository for that program in your personal namespace (/firstname.lastname).
  • Add and commit the files
  • Create a branch and make some small changes there
  • Push changes to the server
  • Make a merge request from the branch to your master
  • Accept the merge request

Play around on

  • Sign up
  • Create a repository in your personal namespace (/username)
  • Add some files, push them
  • Delete the repository when done


We have some rules for using private GitHub accounts on your work PC.

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