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Warning when fetching big result set from a database.

With large data set we can run into memory issue. Here is an example.

>> Post.published.count => 25000 >> Post.where(published: true).each do |post| post.archive! end # Loads 25000 posts in memory

Rails 5 adds warning when loading large data set

To mitigate issue shown above Rails 5 has added config.active_record.warn_on_records_fetched_greater_than. When this configuration is set to an integer value, any query that returns the number of records greater than the set limit, logs a warning.

config.active_record.warn_on_records_fetched_greater_than = 1500 >> Post.where(published: true).each do |post| post.archive! end => Query fetched 25000 Post records: SELECT "posts".* FROM "posts" WHERE "posts"."published" = ? [["published", true]] [#<Post id: 1, title: 'Rails', user_id: 1, created_at: "2016-02-11 11:32:32", updated_at: "2016-02-11 11:32:32", published: true>, #<Post id: 2, title: 'Ruby', user_id: 2, created_at: "2016-02-11 11:36:05", updated_at: "2016-02-11 11:36:05", published: true>,....]

This helps us find areas where potential problems exist and then we can replace inefficient queries with better ones.

config.active_record.warn_on_records_fetched_greater_than = 1500 >> Post.where(published: true).find_each do |post| post.archive! end # No warning is logged

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