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How To Make An AR Mobile App

Augmented reality technology dominates the virtual reality because AR has more ways for practical using in medicine, architecture, and game industry.

Here you can read about AR & VR trends for 2019:

Augmented reality is the trend today, and for this reason, we will see how to add this technology to your mobile app. You can use frameworks and SDK's for implementing AR.


There is the free framework created by Apple that allows you to develop AR applications for the iOS platform. This technology is a novelty because it can take the corner illumination into account for correct integration of virtual objects in actual life:


Vuforia is an AR SDK that uses a computer vision that allows the developer to create

— virtual buttons;
— Background effects;
— Occlusion management, which lets Vuforia find even partially hidden objects;

Here you can find information about more frameworks that allows you to implement an AR technology to your app:

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