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How to Design the App in 2019

The design is one of the most important parts of app development. So, let's see why it's so necessary to make a great design for the application. The design is not only how your app appears, but it's also about how it works. There is the reason why the designer should be a part of app development from the very beginning. More on this topic:

— The first stage is the Idea Evaluation. This is needed to make sure all the team member have a similar vision of further development.

Lean Model Canvas. This stage allows you to understand all the aspects and details of your application. (Target user, unique value propositions, problems to solve etc.)

Mind Map. This is a necessary stage to build a great idea. You need a mind map because our ideas and minds are always unstructured.

LFP. You need Low-fidelity prototyping to see how your app works and understand all the navigation ways between screens of the application.

UX. User Experience is a detailed concept that allows you to see all the details of your app.

UI. User Interface if the final version of the design for your application. There is not only a functional design but also a visual concept.

There are the main tips that allow you to design your mobile application. Hope you find it useful.

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