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How to Make a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Today we speak about what does into developing a crypto exchange platform. You should start by choosing a **business model **for this type of applications. There are 3 main kinds of business model:

1. Direct Trading
2. Broker
3. Trading Platform

Also, you should research the market and competitors. This stage allows you to understand the market situation and find the market leaders to research their strengths, weaknesses, and unique features. There're examples of the market leaders of this field:

– Binance
– Coinbase

The more detailed market research you can find here:

Also, let's research the list of the necessary features for a Crypto Exchange Platform:

– Simple registration
– Constant monitoring of statistics
– Withdrawal of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies
– Full access to trading accounts
– Review of transactions
– Booking history
– Round-the-clock customer support

There are first steps you should take to create a really useful app that meets demands.

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