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App Development Tips

We live in the age of high technologies, and mobile application market constantly grows up. Today is a great time to start your own application. So, let's have a look at some tips which are necessary to make the application receive success.

Business Analysis

There is the first stage that allows you to understand the concept and find the target user. To find a target audience, you should pay attention to these X-factors:

— Gender
— Age
— Family status
— Profession
— Solvency level
— Main interests
— Income level
— Education

Here you can check the detailed description of each development stage when building a doctor appointment app:

Market Research

Market & Competitors research is needed to understand the market situation and find the Market leaders. When you find them, you should investigate their features:

— Strengths
— Weaknesses
— Unique Features
— Monetizing Model

Prototypes & Design

Also, you should make prototypes and design. This is needed to see how does your app work and appear, and see build all the cause-effect relationships. There are the main design stages:

— Low-fidelity Prototype
— User Experience
— High-fidelity Prototype
— User Interface

There are the main steps that you should take to develop an application that meets demands and receive success. Good Luck with your startup.

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