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How to Make a Messenger App Like Signal

Today is the age of communication, so the chat application field is growing. To create a great messenger, you should understand how do chat apps work. There are two main types of protocol:

1. HTTP + Push Notifications. This means the way of work where you’re notified when you get a message, and the server responds back to you when you open an app.

2. XMPP with socket-based chat. This protocol works by constant user connection to the server. And the user automatically moves to the offline mode when the connection is lost. Extensive Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is more common-used.

The next step you should take is to make your app really secure. You should use end-to-end encryption. There is a way of work of this type of encryption: the user sends a message that gets encoded on the user’s device. Then it’s transferred to the server that brings it to the recipient. in the recipient’s device, this message gets encoded. This means that only conversation members can see decoded messages.
More about types of encryption in this article: How to make a really secure messenger app

Then it's time to research the market. You need this to find the market leaders and understand the market situation. Once you find the market leaders, you should explore their advantages, disadvantages, unique features. In this field, your competitors are

— Signal
— Skype
— Telegram
— Viber
— WhatsApp

What the features an MVP secure messenger must have?

— Onboarding feature
— Maintenance/project setup feature
— Authorization feature
— Settings feature
— Profile
— Status/Invite/Privacy/Notifications/About feature
— Linked Devices
— Sockets/Real-time feature
— Signal Protocol Integration

There are the main information to create a secure chat app, hope it would be useful for you

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