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Tariq Al Habtoor: Educational Experience

Tariq Al Habtoor enjoys a successful career—one built on the foundation of an extensive education. Tariq Al Habtoor received much of his early education at Dubai’s Emirates International School, where he earned his GCSE in 2006. This was followed by one year at the U.K.’s Collingwood College, which was succeeded by a brief tenure—and the receipt of a foundation degree—at Brunel University (2010).
Al Habtoor would go on to earn foundation degrees from London South Bank University and King…

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Tariq Al Habtoor: Credentialed Professional

Tariq Al Habtoor has experience working in a number of fields—including heating and air conditioning, real estate and MEP engineering. Currently an advisory board member with Kinesis Money, Tariq Al Habtoor has worked as an assistant general manager of real estate with Al Habtoor Group (2017-2019); as an HVAC engineer with Al Habtoor Group (2016-2017); and as an MEP engineer with Habtoor Leighton Group (2016).

Al Habtoor also has experience working as a paralegal and as project manager….

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Tariq Al Habtoor: Roles Since 2011

Tariq Al Habtoor has held a variety of positions during his career—a work history that began, in earnest, in 2011. His past work experience includes service with the Habtoor Leighton Group as junior project manager—a position that was followed some years later as a paralegal with London’s BlackLion Law, LLP.
Other professional roles held by Al Habtoor during his career—particularly over the last four years—include the position of MEP engineer with Habtoor Leighton Group, the role of HVAC…

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Tariq Al Habtoor: Kingston University Studies

Tariq Al Habtoor is the beneficiary of a high-quality education from some of the U.K.’s finest academic institutions. This includes Kingston University, where Tariq Al Habtoor studied and excelled in the subjects of engineering, mathematics and computing; and in mechanical engineering.

Al Habtoor earned two degrees as a student at Kingston, including a foundation degree focused on engineering, mathematics and computing in 2012; and a diploma of engineering (with honour…

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Tariq Al Habtoor: An Interest in Blockchain

Tariq Al Habtoor has long been fascinated by the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It is this ongoing interest that led to his current role as Investment Relations Advisor with Kinesis Money. Tariq Al Habtoor has served in this role since 2018, and utilizes his influence in the region to help promote and drive investment in the firm. He has also completed a number of online courses in such topics as cryptocurrency investment and blockchain fundamentals.

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Tariq Al Habtoor Studied Sociology at London South Bank University

Tariq Al Habtoor studied international relations and sociology at London South Bank University, where he received a foundation degree in 2011.

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Tariq Al Habtoor: Hobbies

Tariq Al Habtoor maintains a busy professional career. He currently serves as investment advisor with Kinesis Money. In his free time, Tariq Al Habtoor enjoys anything from participating in a competitive polo match to testing his survival skills in the areas of fishing, camping, hunting and bushcraft. Tariq also enjoys the independent study of such topics as religion and philosophy, card counting, paranormal phenomena and more.

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Tariq Al Habtoor - Diverse Interests

Tariq Al Habtoor is a young volunteer, traveler and student who enjoys playing polo matches for nonprofit causes he believes in.

He’s also a successful engineering professional, and he holds Diploma of Engineering from Kingston University.
Mr. Tariq Al Habtoor has diverse interests both personally and professionally, including but not limited to coding, video editing, animation, 3D printing, scuba, mycology, polo, bushcraft and welding.

Tariq completed certification…

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Tariq Al Habtoor: Work for Dubai’s Habtoor Leighton Group

Tariq Al Habtoor sent more than five months as MEP engineer with the Dubai-based Habtoor Leighton Group. In this role between April and August of 2016, Tariq Al Habtoor performed a variety of tasks—including the calculation of required materials, analysis of schematics, cost comparisons, maintaining communications with suppliers and providing clients project estimation costs. Al Habtoor was a member of the company’s estimations department.

Tariq Al Habtoor: Extensive Skillset

Tariq Al Habtoor is an experienced professional, innovator and entrepreneur—and currently serves as an advisory board member for Kinesis Money. Among his many skills are machining and manufacturing, lock-picking, 3D printing, video editing, welding, mycology, card counting, survival, CAD (Sketchup, SolidWorks, NX Siemens), soldering and circuits, and polo. During his career, Al Habtoor has worked in the fields of real estate, HVAC and paralegal.

Tariq Al Habtoor: More than Two Years with Al Habtoor Group

Tariq Al Habtoor has worked for various organizations throughout his career—including the Al Habtoor Group. Al Habtoor began his tenure with the company as an HVAC engineer in September 2017, and remained in that position until accepting the role of assistant general manager of real estate in August 2017. He served in this position until January 2019, when he chose to pursue other professional interest.

Tariq Al Habtoor: Dubai and the UK

Tariq Al Habtoor is an engineering specialist who attended the Emirates International School in Dubai, and Collingwood College, Brunel University, London South Bank University, and Kingston University, all of which are in the UK. He splits his time between the UK and Dubai, enjoying each of them for their many qualities.

Tariq Al Habtoor: Volunteer Work

Tariq Al Habtoor is an engineering and real estate professional with years of experience and a positive reputation in his field. Away from work, he enjoys volunteering his time to benefit his community. For example, he once aided an operation scuba diving in River Thames to clean up trash and control the growing litter problem in the area.

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Tariq Al Habtoor – Why Haven’t We Discovered Extraterrestrial Life?

Tariq Al Habtoor is an intellectual and academic – someone who is constantly on the lookout for ideas, discussions and debate that stimulate his thinking and challenge his way of thinking…

Tariq Al Habtoor – Why Haven’t We Discovered Extraterrestrial Life?

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Tariq Al Habtoor - A Brief Look at Paranormal Phenomena

Tariq Al Habtoor appreciates any opportunity to better understand and explore the world around him – to take part in the study, discussion and research of new ideas… Tariq Al Habtoor - A Brief Look at Paranormal Phenomena

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Tariq Al Habtoor - Brief Experience with Harbor Leighton

Tariq Al Habtoor learned the ins and outs of project management as an employee of Leighton Contractors… Tariq Al Habtoor - Brief Experience with Harbor Leighton

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