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Interesting Facts About USA

In today's world, who does not know about America, America has a different identity within the world, and you must also know that America is a very powerful country if you do not know, no matter today we will love you Tell us about some interesting facts and facts about the US which will probably be very beneficial for you and this will boost your general knowledge even in America. Words which are in 50 states and is more populous than 32 points, 4 million in the US and later in India and China is the third largest country, its capital is Washington DC and the largest city in the country, New York

And in today's time it is developing very rapidly, though America is a very big developed country but its population is 4.3% of the world's population and many people in our country live within the United States. They all have the desire to go to America because America is the only country where people can work smoothly and it is also a technology country, inside it is a new new technology New things are invented and almost the majority of our country's population is in the US, so today we are telling you some interesting facts and information about America in this post that you know for yourself. So, we are telling you some other things related to the US below which you will like. If you like this interesting fact, then share it. Do not forget the rain and
1.Wight House is the residence of the President of the United States and White House is located in Washington DC. But the special thing is that it has 132 rooms.
2. 25% of Americans have ever come across some TV shows.
3. 1 percent of Americans have 33 percent of the money in the United States. 50 percent has just 2.5 percent of the money.
4. It would surprise you knowing that 90% of the American people live in their own home.
5. American people throw out 4 crores 40 million daily newspaper reading.
6. If you wrote the names of all the 50 states in the English language, then you will use all the letters except 'Q'.
7.America throws 2.5 million bottles of plastic every year.
8. America's first capital was New York, but it was later Washington DC.
9. In Montana city of America, the number of animals is 3 times higher than humans.
10.America consumes 35,000 tons of lass every year.
11.How many states in USA

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