Slack Support

We offer to join your Slack Show snapshot (via Slack's Shared Channels Show snapshot ) as an additional communication channel next to e-mail and phone.

Our Ops-Team joining your Slack will come in handy in many ways. While e-mail keeps being the preferred and default channel of communicating tasks, being in direct contact via Slack will make answering technical and difficult questions easier. Debugging issues together will also be much faster for the same reason and we can share files (e.g. graphics from our monitoring, log files) easily.

We see the Slack channel as an opportunity to work even closer with your developers to support early decision-making for new features or changes of existing features to optimize the fit in our existing infrastructure. This can help reduce time and effort on both sides.

For tasks that will take us less than an hour we try to work on them right away (depending on our general workload for that day).

In short, you get the following 3 main benefits, when we join your Slack:

  • Discussions about technical questions and consulting on all things infrastructure without e-mails.
  • Shorter support loop due to chat instead of e-mail when an issue arises.
  • Small tasks (less than 1h) can be request more direct and might get done at that point as well.
Marius Schuller about 3 years ago