Format Cucumber Tables in Sublime Text 2 (ST2)

  • install https://github.com/drewda/cucumber-sublime2-bundle for general cucumber support in ST2
  • follow instructions on https://github.com/mishu91/Sublime-Text-2-Table-Cleaner

Adjust key binding: { "keys": ["super+alt+7"], "command": "table_cleaner"}

Adjust settings:

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Deployment in Rails 3.2.6 / Tinder Capistrano/ActiveSupport

Capistrano::Configuration::Namespaces::Namespace.class_eval do
def capture(*args)
parent.capture *args

to your deploy.rb file to avoid syntax errors

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User Rails-Api for Projects without Views to interact with apis

How to use cucumber together with Sublime Text 2 Editor

Sublime Text 2 doesn't have out of the box support for cucumber and package control doesn't provide anything.

Adding support to run tests from within sublime text 2: RubyText Package

Add syntax highlighting for Cucumber (Gherkin): Cucumber Syntax

Maybe you'll run into broken test output. Check out this (tmp.) solution until the next …

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