How to make RubyMine aware of Cucumber steps defined in gems

Newer versions of RubyMine seem to have deprecated the Settings page at Languages and Frameworks -> Cucumber. Steps from Spreewald seem to be linked automatically.

If your Ruby project includes a gem like Spreewald Archive that comes with some external step definition, RubyMine does not know about them by default and will highlight the step as an undefined reference:


To link these external step definitions to RubyMine, add the corresponding gems to your RubyMine-Settings:

  • Go to Settings (ctrl + alt + s)
  • Go to Languages and Frameworks
  • Go to Cucumber
  • There, add your gem (e.g "spreewald") via the little "+" from the bar on the right .

You might have to restart RubyMine to see the expected result.

Now, RubyMine no longer complains about undefined step definitions and allows you to dig into the definition via ctrl + b or ctrl + click.


Stefan Wagner over 3 years ago
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