Selenium may break with ChromeDriver 75+

When you update your ChromeDriver to version 75 or beyond, you might get w3c errors in your tests.

For example, reading the browser console for errors no longer works, and page.driver.browser.manage.logs.get(:browser) will raise an error like "undefined method `log' for #<Selenium::WebDriver::Remote::W3C::Bridge:0x000055903f307aa8>".

Add options.add_option('w3c', false) to your Selenium configuration (e.g. features/support/selenium.rb) and you should be back to normal:

Capybara.register_driver :selenium do |app|
  options = %w[--disable-infobars])
  options.add_option('w3c', false), browser: :chrome, options: options)
Jakob Scholz about 2 years ago
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