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Updated: Rails routes: Extracting collection actions into their own controllers

In modern Rails versions we can define nested resources in a collection { ... } block to namespace them into an existing resource:

resources :projects, only: :show do collection do resource :report, only: :show, controller: 'projects/report' resources :members, only: [:index, :show] end end

This generates the following routes:

GET /projects/:id => ProjectsController#show GET /projects/report => Projects::ReportsController#show GET /projects/members => MembersController#index GET /projects/members/:id => MembersController#show

Note how /projects/report, /projects/members and /projects/members/:id do not take a :project_id.


Take care when defining nested resources, as they don't behave identical to namespaced resources:

namespace :users do resources :sign_ups, only: [:new] end # GET /users/sign_ups/new => Users::SignUpsController#new
resources :users, only [] do resources :sign_ups, only: [:new] end # GET /users/sign_ups/new => SignUpsController#new

Both solutions will generate the same routes, the controller paths will be different, though. In the first example rails will expect to find a Users::SignUpsController in the subdirectory controllers/users/sign_ups_controller.rb, but there has to be a SignUpsController in controllers/sign_ups_controller.rb in order to make the second example work.
You can alter this behaviour with a custom controller path, as shown in the very first example of this card (resource :report, only: :show, controller: 'projects/report').

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