capybara-lockstep 2.2.2 released

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The capybara-lockstep Show snapshot gem synchronizes Capybara commands with client-side JavaScript and AJAX requests. This greatly improves the stability of an end-to-end ("E2E") test suite, even if that suite has timing issues.

Changes in 2.2.2

  • We now only wait for <script> elements with a JavaScript type
  • We only wait for <iframe> elements with a [src] attribute
  • We no longer wait for <video> and <audio> elements to load their metadata. This did not work consistently, and would sometimes cause capybara-lockstep to wait indefinitely.
Henning Koch
Source code in this card is licensed under the MIT License.
Posted by Henning Koch to makandra dev (2024-06-21 13:29)