capybara-lockstep 2.2.1 fixes drivers with { browser: :remote }

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Capybara-lockstep < 2.2.1 has a bug that makes it essentially not work when using browser: :remote in your Capybara driver. Please update to 2.2.1 to get the expected functionality.

The affected setups look like this:

chromedriver_url = ENV['CHROMEDRIVER_URL'],
  browser: chromedriver_url ? :remote : :chrome,
  **(chromedriver_url ? { url: chromedriver_url } : {}),

Note that older Capybara versions used browser: :chrome, url: chromedriver_url, will work fine.

Tobias Kraze
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Posted by Tobias Kraze to makandra dev (2024-06-19 14:11)