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How to: Use Ace editor in a Webpack project

The Ace editor is a great enhancement when you want users to supply some kind of code (HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, etc).
It offers syntax highlighting and some neat features like auto-indenting.

Integrating it with Webpack as described in the documentation – by using ace-builds and ace-builds/webpack-resolver – failed pretty hard for me. Maybe because Rails' Webpacker is still on Webpack 2.
The following works for Ruby on Rails with Webpacker / Webpack 2.

  1. Do not use the ace-builds NPM package, because you won't be able to load it properly. Instead, use brace:

    yarn add brace
  2. You can then import and use ace, mode configuration, and styles like so:

    import ace from 'brace' import 'brace/mode/html' import 'brace/theme/monokai' let editor = ace.edit(element) ...

Full-fledged example for an Unpoly compiler that will improve your <textarea html-editor>:

import ace from 'brace' import 'brace/mode/html' import 'brace/theme/monokai' up.compiler('[html-editor]', ($element) => { let $editorContainer = $('<div>').insertAfter($element) let editor = ace.edit($editorContainer.get(0)) let session = editor.getSession() editor.setOptions({ mode: 'ace/mode/html', theme: 'ace/theme/monokai', minLines: 50, maxLines: 50, fontSize: '16px', wrap: true, useSoftTabs: true, tabSize: 2, }) // If we enable Ace on the textarea directly, it will lose its value and never send any changes to the server. // Instead, we use a container element and sync any changes into the textarea. $element.hide() session.setValue($element.val()) session.on('change', () => { $element.val(session.getValue()) }) return () => { editor.destroy() } })

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