How to make Capistrano not truncate server output

By default, Capistrano truncates server responses and places an ellipsis at the end of lines that are longer than your terminal. Error messages are never truncated.

While this can be helpful to make deployment output appear less noisy, it also hides information that could be helpful.
I believe you should prefer knowing what is going on, even if causes a few extra lines of output.

Capistrano by default uses Airbrussh which is where truncation happens. To disable truncation globally, place this into your deploy.rb:

set :format_options, truncate: false

Instead of rm -fr /var/www/my-fancy-project/r… you'll now see /var/www/my-fancy-project/releases/20180426080000/public/assets and know what is actually happening.

Arne Hartherz about 4 years ago
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