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Unpoly 2.7 released

This is another maintenance release to bridge the time until Unpoly 3 Archive is fully documented. This release includes the following changes:

  • When a fragment is revealed Archive , fixed elements Archive obstructing the viewport are now ignored while the fixed element is hidden.
  • Listeners to up:request:load Archive may now access the unopened XMLHttpRequest instance through event.xhr. This lets you track upload progress through event.xhr.upload Archive . (Thanks @iaddict!)
  • Listeners to up:layer:accept may change the layer's acceptance value by setting or mutating event.value.
  • Listeners to up:layer:dismiss may change the layer's dismissal value by setting or mutating event.value.
  • Fix a bug where right-aligned popups would have right-aligned text
  • Fix a bug where clicking links twice will not update location when the browser history API is used in between (#388)

This is the last release with support for Internet Explorer 11. Future releases will support Chrome, Firefox, Edge and the last two majors of Safari.

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