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Updated: Writing strings as Carrierwave uploads

We do need a custom class after all 😳


  • When you have string contents (e.g. a generated binary stream, or data from a remote source) that you want to store as a file using Carrierwave, here is a simple solution.
  • While you could write your string to a file and pass that file to Carrierwave, why even bother? You already have your string (or stream).
  • However, a plain StringIO object will not work for Carrierwave's ActiveRecord integration:
  • ```ruby
  • ->> Attachment.create!(file:
  • -# TypeError: no implicit conversion of nil into String
  • +>> Attachment.create!(file:
  • +TypeError: no implicit conversion of nil into String
  • ```
  • -This is because Carrierwave expects the file upload to respond to `#original_filename`.
  • +This is because Carrierwave expects a filename by default. It makes sense, so here is a simple yet useful helper class:
  • -To do so you can use [`Rack::Test::UploadedFile`](, which adds an `#original_filename` method to any `IO` object:
  • +```ruby
  • +class FileIO < StringIO
  • + def initialize(stream, filename)
  • + super(stream)
  • + @original_filename = filename
  • + end
  • +
  • + attr_reader :original_filename
  • +end
  • +```
  • +
  • +You must simply come up with a filename and can then pass your string or stream directly.
  • +
  • +```
  • +>> Attachment.create!(file:, 'document.pdf'))
  • +=> #<Attachment ...>
  • +```
  • +
  • +When using zeitwerk (Rails 6) you might also need to add an inflection in order to make autoloading work for this file:
  • ```ruby
  • -stream =
  • -file =, original_filename: 'document.pdf')
  • +ActiveSupport::Inflector.inflections(:en) do |inflect|
  • + inflect.acronym 'IO'
  • +end
  • ```
  • -While that class sounds like it would not be available in production environments, it actually is.
  • +Otherwise zeitwerk will complain that the file `file_io.rb` does not define `FileIo`.

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