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Updated: Powerful favicon generator

Added Archive , in case you do not need to handle all edge cases for smaller websites.


  • This favicon generator will guide you to a perfect set of favicon files, suitable for all devices and situations (browser, homescreen icon for iOS/Android/Windows, MacBook Touch Bar etc.)
  • ## How to
  • Open the [Favicon generator]( and upload a square image:
  • - either an SVG
  • - or a PNG/JPG/… with more than 260px size
  • Then follow the steps it guides you. In the result window, stick to the HTML5 tab. It is just fine.
  • ## More
  • - [Favicon checker]( that shows how a favicon renders on all devices.
  • -- [FAQ](
  • +- [FAQ](
  • +- [Required favicons for small websites](
  • +
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