RubyMine: You can disable inspections you don't care about

When you find yourself constantly ignoring a RubyMine warning, you can simple disable that warning and de-clutter your editor. E.g. in my Cucumber scenarios RubyMine underlines 90% of all lines because it does not know about spreewald Archive , making the file really hard to read.

You can disable any unwanted inspection by opening File / Settings / Editor / Inspections and searching for the warning text.

What you disable or keep is up to your personal preference. I personally disable at least the following:

  • Cucumber / Undefined step (it does not understand spreewald or cucumber_factory)
  • Ruby / Double quoted string (life is too short)
  • Spelling / Typo (if your English is good)

You can also disable inspections on the fly by positioning your mouse cursor on the highlighted code and pressing ALT + ENTER. It will list the current inspections and offer to disable them.

Henning Koch about 4 years ago
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