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Updated: Order of the state_machine callback chain

Removed outdated callback cancelling.


  • 1. before transition
  • 2. before validation
  • 3. after validation
  • 4. before save
  • 5. after save
  • 6. after transition
  • Aborting the callback chain
  • +---------------------------
  • -- You **can** interrupt the callback chain by returning `false` in `before_transition`.
  • -- You **can not** prevent the record from being saved by manually adding an validation error during `before_transition`.
  • -- You **can** rollback the database update by raising an error in `after_transition`. The error will bubble up to the caller, no changes will be saved.
  • -- You **can not** interrupt the callback chain by returning `false` in `after_transition`.
  • -
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  • +See [Cancel the ActiveRecord callback chain](
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