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Spreewald 4.1.0 released

New steps:

  • When ... inside the ... iframe

New steps only available for Capybara 3+:

  • When I switch to the ... iframe
  • When I switch back to the whole page

The I switch back to the whole page step does not work reliably with Capybara 2 and lead to StaleReferenceErrors, therefore we decided to not make these steps available for Capybara 2.

Small improvements:

  • Trying to match against unsupported email headers will raise an error. Supported headers are "To", "CC", "BCC", "From", "Reply-To", "Subject", "Attachments"
  • It's now possible to have indented header lines in email steps.
  • If there's not an explicit text part in a mail, Spreewald determines if the email body is HTML or plaintext and converts it to plaintext accordingly.

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