PostgreSQL: Importing dumps created with newer versions

When importing a dump created on a server that has a more recent pg_dump version you might get an error like

$ geordi dump staging -l
# Sourcing dump into the project_development db
pg_restore: [archiver] unsupported version (1.14) in file header
x An error occured loading staging.dump

On my machine I had psql version 10.14 which was the most recent package from the standard repository. The server, however, had pg_dump version 12.4.

The issue could be fixed by installing postgres 12 from the PostgreSQL APT-Repositories. Make sure to only install the client, e.g. sudo apt install postgresql-client-12. Otherwise another server instance will be installed in parallel.


  • psql (client) and postgres server versions do not have to match in order for the import to work. The used server version was 9.5.
Daniel Stra├čner 10 months ago
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