Sentry: Different ways of deferring notifications for an issue

We use Sentry Archive to be informed about different kinds of issues. One of the key features is that you are not getting spammed if many errors of the same kind occur in a small timespan.
If an issue pops up the usual workflow is to fix the code and mark the issue as "resolved" in Sentry. Only new or resolved issues trigger another email notification when they are proxied through Sentry.

This workflow does not fit well for issues we cannot fix, e.g. when consuming an external API that is sometimes down. In such cases you may consider ignoring the issue with a constraint. For example, you can tell Sentry to notify you only if it occurs 10 times per hour.


Sentry currently offers three constraints when ignoring an issue:

  • Time (1 hour, 1 day, ..)
  • Occurrences (1 time, 10 times, ..)
  • Number of affected users
Michael Leimst├Ądtner almost 2 years ago
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