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Unpoly 0.35.0 released


Compatible changes

  • Remove a use of global $ that prevented Unpoly from being used with with jQuery.noConflict().
  • Fix a bug where replacing the <body> element would lose the body class and other attributes
  • Fix a bug where Unpoly would set the document title to a <title> tag of an inline SVG image.

Incompatible changes

  • Drop support for IE 9, which hasn't been supported on any platform since January 2016.
  • Drop support for IE 10, which hasn't been supported since January 2016 on any platform except Windows Vista, and Vista is end-of-life in April 2017.


Compatible changes

  • The scroll positions of two viewports with the same selector is now restored correctly when going back in history.
  • Fix a bug where new modals and popups would sometime flash at full opacity before starting their opening animation.


Compatible changes

  • Elements with up-show-for and up-hide-for attributes can now be inserted dynamically after its controlling up-switch field has been compiled.
  • Unpoly no longer strips a trailing slash in the current URL during startup

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