Choosing the right gems for your project

Adding a gem means you take over the liability towards the external code.


Based on " To gem, or not to gem Archive ":

  • Gem is really needed (prefer writing your own code for simple requirements without many edge cases)
  • Gem is tested well (coverage and quality)
  • Gem has a good code quality
  • Gem's licence fits to the project requirement
  • Try to avoid gems that do much more than your requirement scope needs
  • Gem has a good maturity and maintenance
  • Gem has a good / familiar DSL
  • If it's hard to do right, choose a mature gem (e.g. Devise or Clearance for authentication) instead of building it yourself

Also see the chapter "Owning your Stack" in the book Growing Rails Applications in Practice Archive .


Emanuel De over 5 years ago
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