Material Design Lite

CSS (+ some Javascript) framework, implementing Google's material design for static web pages.

Can be used for plain websites without requiring a full blown Javascript framework, unlike the (also excellent) Polymer paper elements, or Angular material.

Prelimiary impression:

I would recommend against using it at this stage, for a couple of reasons:

  • It is much less complete than you might expect from a CSS framework. There is little support for forms elements, for example.

  • Markup is somewhat akward.

  • It does not play nicely with livereload and will constantly scroll the page to the top.

  • Using it together with a JavaScript framework requires some care, because you constantly need to "upgrade" elements with MDL.

Some other Material Design CSS + JS Frameworks with partial pending release:



Material Design for Bootstrap (note that this is incomplete, and free only for non-commercial projects)

"Paper" Bootstrap theme by Bootswatch (we also have a card about it)

Tobias Kraze over 5 years ago
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