Read your mail in networks that forbid e-mail traffic

If you are connected with a network that forbids e-mail traffic but allows SSH, you can tunnel your e-mail connection through a trusted, intermediary server:

 sudo ssh -i /home/local-user/.ssh/local-user.key -L 143:mail-server.tld:143 remote-user@trusted-server.tld

Explanation for the command above:

| sudo | Secure ports may only be forwarded by root |
| ssh -i /home/local-user/.ssh/local-user.key | Private half of your SSH key for the trusted server |
| -L 143:mail-server.tld:143 | Forward connections to port 143 on your mail server mail-server.told to port 143 on localhost. Check your e-mail settings to see which port you are using to receive e-mail. |
| remote-user@trusted-server.tld | User and hostname of a trusted, intermediary server |

You can now tell your e-mail client to receive e-mail from localhost instead of mail-server.tld. You will get a certificate warning.

Henning Koch almost 11 years ago
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