Thunderbird: Don't automatically mark messages as read and as junk in Thunderbird

  • Preferences -> Display -> Advanced (tab not button)
  • If the option "Automatically mark messages as read" has the suboptions "Immediately on display" and "After .... seconds", you can uncheck the checkbox. It won't mark new mails as read anymore.

for older thunderbird versions:

(see attachment)

  • menu -> "preferences" -> "preferences" -> "Display" -> "Advanced" tab
  • uncheck "Automatically mark messages as read".
  • close settings
  • to mark emails as read click the tiny green circle in the list view
  • or press the hotkey M

Junk settings

Edit -> Preferences ->Account Settings -> Junk Settings -> disable: Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account

Martin Straub almost 12 years ago
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