Ubuntu with Gnome: move and resize windows easily

On Ubuntu I always had a hard time resizing windows as window borders are so thin that they are hard to grab.

Using the mouse

My solution for Ubuntu Mate was to resize windows with ALT + right mouse and move them with ALT + left mouse.

Ubuntu with Gnome Shell (Ubuntu 20.04) uses different shortcuts. You have to use the super key (windows key) with mouse-wheel-click to resize.

If this feels awkward to you, you can change this using the Tweaks application:

  • select Windows > Window Action Key > Alt
  • enable Windows > Resize with Secondary-Click

Keyboard shortcuts

There are also some keyboard shortcuts to move and resize windows:

  • Super + Left/Right: Resize the window to the full height and half width of the screen and move it to the left/right border.
  • Super + Shift + Left/Right: Move the window one screen to the left/right
  • Super + Up: Maximize the window
  • Super + Down: Unmaximize the window

You can customize those keybindings in the "regular" Gnome settings application.

Daniel Stra├čner 9 months ago
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