Google Meet: How to increase the size of a shared screen

When another person on a Meet call is sharing their screen, text may be hard to read due to the large number of UI elements taking up space.

Here are some things you can do to increase the size of the shared screen:

  • Pin the shared screen by hovering over it and pressing the Pin icon.
  • Hover over your own image and press the Minimize icon.
  • In the Meet Menu (triple dots) switch your Layout to "Focus".
  • Zoom out (!) by pressing CTRL+minus a couple of times. This reduces the size of the Meet controls at the bottom. You can later reset your zoom with CTRL+0.
  • Press F11 to hide the browser UI. You can leave fullscreen by pressing F11 again.
  • Ask the sharing person to zoom in, increase their font size, or only share a single window (resized to a smaller size).
Henning Koch over 6 years ago
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