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About Lisa Stone of Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Lisa Stone is a passionate human rights activist that is based out of Buffalo Grove, Illinois. One issue that Lisa cares for in particular is preventing heroin abuse. After witnessing a family member go through heroin addiction, Lisa realized how dangerous the drug truly is.

After seeing the negative effect of heroin on her family, Lisa Stone became aware that the opioid crisis was hitting her community and that people. Wanting to bring change, Lisa ran for local political office with the goal in mind to use her platform as effectively as possible in addressing the opioid epidemic and advocating for heroin reform and awareness.

From 2009-10 Lisa Stone served on the Buffalo Grove Board of Trustees from 2009-10. Although Lisa is no longer working in public office, she still supports raising awareness of the opioid epidemic.

Two other issues Lisa feels passionately towards is government transparency and safe water.

While serving in office, Lisa Stone realized how important transparency is. Although transparency in government is crucial, Lisa found that transparency is often lacking in government. Therefore, it’s up to citizens to demand transparency from their leaders.

In 2010, Lisa Stone co-founded the Lake County-Vernon Township Coalition for Safe Drinking Water. While serving as a Trustee, Lisa learned about noxious fumes related to water from a community member.Lisa spoke out to officials and her community but was faced with criticism and opposition from her local government. The local government was more interested in covering their tracks than improving the community's water supply. This corruption ultimately led to Lisa’s recall from the Board, but she still remains highly passionate advocating and raising awareness with the locals.

Outside of her work as a Human Rights Activist, you can find Lisa Stone doing yoga, cooking, and spending time with her family.

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