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Script to update vim or neovim pathogen and bundles

Because I use the execelent pathogen plugin for vim or neovim, I wrote a small script to update it and the bundles I use:

#!/usr/bin/env zsh which curl >/dev/null || { echo "curl not found in path..." exit 1 } which git >/dev/null || { echo "git not found in path..." exit 1 } for BASE_DIR in "${HOME}/.vim" "${HOME}/.config/nvim"; do PATHOGEN_DIR="${BASE_DIR}/autoload" BUNDLES_DIR="${BASE_DIR}/bundle" if [[ -d "${PATHOGEN_DIR}" ]]; then echo "Updating pathogen in ${PATHOGEN_DIR}..." curl -LSso ~/.vim/autoload/pathogen.vim fi if [[ -d "${BUNDLES_DIR}" ]]; then echo "Updating bundles in ${BUNDLES_DIR}..." for bundle in "${BUNDLES_DIR}/"*; do if [[ -d "${bundle}/.git" ]]; then echo "Bundle: ${bundle}..." cd "${bundle}" git pull fi done fi done

Here is a list of bundles I find useful:

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